White Cedar Gazebos – Windham, Maine

In July 2004, A&A purchased White Cedar Gazebos through it subsidiary A M Wood Designs LLC from former Owner and President Dan Knowles. Dan stayed on with the company as Vice President of Sales and with the resources of ANANIA & Associates Investment Company LLC he expects to see significant growth, which he would not be able to achieve on his own.

In 2008, management decided to terminate the pine unfinished furniture operation and move the White Cedar Gazebos operations to Windham under the Maine Cedar Log Homes LLC ownership to manufacture the gazebos.

In 2013, Maine Cedar Log Homes LLC ownership team conducted a successful divestiture of the White Cedar Gazebos division, including the Lightning Guardian line, to a former employee.

Excerpted from the White Cedar Gazebo website:

“You’ll be amazed at the gorgeous design and natural durability found only in a White Cedar brand Gazebo. Whether you’re looking for a rustic retreat, a cozy getaway or a beautiful location to enjoy with close friends and family, White Cedar is for you. White Cedar Gazebos are born in the Maine Woods and hand crafted to perfection by skilled Maine craftsmen. Designed to withstand the rugged weather of the Northeast, White Cedar Gazebos are built to last and provide years of enjoyment, function and style to any landscape…….…the value, beauty and durability that makes a White Cedar Gazebo the natural choice for you.”

Guardian Lighting Shelters:

Now with the full resources and support of A&A, Dan Knowles was able to develop his Lightning Guardian® concept, designed specifically to protect occupants from the hazards of a direct or indirect lighting strike using UL and NFPA compliant components. From a Golf Course Trade Magazine: “Lightning protected and certified storm shelters in strategic places on golf courses are recommended by safety organizations like NFPA, and UL along with insurance companies, educational institutions and the golfing community itself. The problem has been were to find a certified lightning shelter. By doing years of research and working with leaders in the areas of lightning protection and golf course safety we have taken the beauty and elegance of our White Cedar Gazebos and added protection that meets the strict codes set forth by the UL, NFPA and the lightning Protection Institute. There is no compromise in the aesthetics or safety. Our shelters will look natural on the course and meeting all the requirements to be UL master Label certified. Lightning Guardian Golf Shelters is the answer to the question “where do I go in a storm”.

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