TrakTec LLC – Windham, Maine

Enviromentally Friendly Shelf Talker Labels by TrakTec

Enviromentally Friendly Shelf Talker Labels by TrakTec

TrakTec LLC, acquired in September 2011, is a manufacturer of premium pressure sensitive labels based in Portland, Maine. TrakTec is a leading provider of premium pressure sensitive labels for wholesale, retail and consumer based applications. The company was founded by Michael Caron, an expert in paper coatings, production and printing technology, starting his career with S.D. Warren paper. Mike’s knowledge of the coatings side of the business and understanding of some breakthrough technology forms the basis for the new platform company. TrakTec is in trials with a Fortune 500 company, which should result in a five year contract for upwards of $10.0 million per year.

The company’s advanced technology should give it an edge toward consolidation in the industry which is somewhat fragmented. AAI provides strong financial and administrative support to the companies it invests in, knowing the results will be a strong team focused on growth for investors. TrakTec has invested significant capital in a new state of the art, all in one, printing press/coating/finishing line which provides higher gross profit margins to the TrakTec products. This new technology also allows TrakTec to compete in niche product areas which were previously cost prohibitive.


To learn more about TrakTec, visit their website.

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