Synergistic Software Solutions – Edina, Minnesota

Synergistic Software Solutions LLC is the software development firm behind JobOps® – Job Management Software. The company has seven employees and is based out of Edina, Minnesota.

About JobOps® – Job Management Software

JobOps® is a comprehensive software solution that integrates with the award winning Sage 100 ERP system. JobOps® gives users the power to have precise activity based costing information in real time and at their fingertips. This gives companies, using the software, the ability to produce more accurate estimates instantaneously.

The software also reduces sales, general and administrative expense by reducing redundancies by linking together sales, accounting and production. JobOps® automates production processes by automatically creating work tickets when inventory levels are low.

Another innovative way JobOps® helps manufacturers is by automating purchasing processes. The software analyzes inventory and will automatically generate purchase orders according to parameters set by the user.

To learn more about Synergistic Software Solutions, visit their website.

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