Rynel – Boothbay Harbor, Maine

Rynel is the leading manufacturer of specialty hydrophilic polyurethane foam products. The company’s Amrel® foam is used in numerous applications and markets including Cosmetic, Personal Care, Medical and Consumer Products. Amrel® foam is extremely clean and biocompatible, absorbs fluids up to 20 times its weight, is highly engineered to give different textures and densities, and is an excellent delivery material giving controlled release of a limitless variety of active ingredients including soaps, cleaners, moisturizers and antimicrobials.

Rynel is vertically integrated, manufacturing the polyurethane prepolymer and processing it using several different production lines, into a wide array of semi-finished and finished products. Rynel is registered with the FDA as a medical device manufacturer and operates under QSR/GMP disciplines. Founded in 1974, the company designed, developed and built process equipment for reactive systems. Experience and success in this field led the company to develop advanced hydrophilic polyurethane prepolymers and numerous products utilizing the unique characteristics of the material. We are constantly expanding applications and working closely with customers to meet market needs. Call Rynel today with your existing need or new product idea.

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