Anania & Associates, Fund Manager of AAI

The Fund Manager, Anania & Associates, has been investing in small and emerging businesses in Maine since 1996 and has developed an excellent track record for performance of those companies. The majority of the companies are still held in the Fund portfolio and continue to experience sustained growth and enjoy loyal workforces.

Additionally, since 1987 Peter V. Anania, the Founder and Chairman of the AAI Fund, has been active as a merger & acquisition consultant advising small to middle market businesses throughout New England, as well as developing a national and international practice. Through that extensive experience he has gained insightful knowledge of the valuation and analysis process as well as hands on operational expertise.

The ability to accurately analyze both the fiscal and operational health of a company prior to acquisition is a key strength of the Fund Manager’s team.

The Fund’s entire ownership team is involved in oversight of management’s day to day operational strategy and implementation while at the same time giving those company manager’s the flexibility and authority to manage each business unit on a daily basis without micromanagement interference.

The Fund Manager receives a management fee from each portfolio company for services rendered, which includes Board level oversight, financial expertise, sales and marketing support, and general business management expertise.


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