MEGA Industries Looks to Increase Workforce by 20% Citing Record Revenues

Peter Anania (Jr) February 15, 20172017

MEGA Industries (MEGA) a Gorham, Maine manufacturer of high-power microwave components is very pleased to report record revenues for 2016, which were up over 32% year over year. Also Mega’s bookings reached a record high of approximately $12.0MM for 2016 due to many new contracts with various National Laboratories from around the world. These record bookings are expected generate record revenues again in 2017 and continue at this record pace for another three to five years.

All of this activity means Mega is hiring… Recently Mega increased its workforce by 20% adding many high paying jobs. Peter V. Anania, CEO of MEGA, comments, “We continue to add to our workforce with additional high paying careers like experienced, manual and CNC machinists; experienced and/or entry level brazing craftsmen; quality control inspectors; a mechanical designer; a mechanical and/or electrical engineer; electrical technicians to work in our world class test lab; and a production control person. These positions will either add to our first shift or our newly created second shift.”

Most of Mega’s products are used by scientists at National Laboratories around the world doing ground breaking research. This research is related to finding new ways of generate energy using cold fusion; figuring out how and why certain chemical reactions happen; developing new types of radiation treatments to help cure cancer; and proving out various hypothesis around the “Big Bang” theory.

William Sanborn, MEGA’s Vice President of International Sales, comments “These expected orders providing all this growth are real and should continue for the foreseen future. Company-wide initiatives, including the push for new high-power(2 to 30 MEGAwatts) products like circulators, ultra-high vacuum microwave components, rotary joints and many others are coming to fruition resulting in orders from overseas and various Universities here in the USA. The MEGA team is committed to the good work it is doing to improve the world’s standard of living while continually improving our engineering and manufacturing processes. This is what makes us the world leader in RF solutions here and around the globe.”

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