MEGA Industries Receives $1.2 Million Contract with ITER-India for International Fusion Research Reactor in Southern France

Peter Anania (Jr) September 2, 20142014
MEGA Industies Coaxial Component

Coaxial Component Developed by MEGA Industries for ITER Fusion Reactor.

For Immediate Release

MEGA Industries receives $1.2 million in contracts with ITER-India for manufacturing test equipment and coaxial components for ITER fusion reactor.

About ITER Fusion Reactor

ITER, meaning “the way” in Latin, is being constructed in Cadarache, France and will be the world’s largest fusion reactor. The research, development and management of the project is the result of collaboration between several partner countries: the United States, the European Union, India, Japan, the Republic of Korea, the Russian Federation and China. The project seeks to develop a safe and sustainable alternative source of energy to meet global demand.

Further Details on the Contract

The contract with ITER-India has two phases with the development of the coaxial components happening first and testing equipment second. The coaxial components serve as the “plumbing” system for the power source of the reactor. The testing equipment developed by MEGA Industries will test the power source components to see if they are able to work at various power levels and operating frequencies.

More Information on MEGA Industries

MEGA Industries, a portfolio company of Anania & Associates Investment Company LLC, engineers and manufactures components for particle accelerators, fusion research, the military and aviation high energy. The company is located in Gorham in a state-of-the-art 40,000 square foot manufacturing facility.


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