Mega Industries Acquires Legacy Waveguide Dummy Load Product Line from Microlab / FXR

Peter Anania (Jr) August 28, 20142014

For Immediate Release

MEGA Industries, a Gorham based manufacturer of microwave transmission components used in fusion research labs around the world, announces acquisition of the Waveguide Dummy Load product line from Microlab / FXR.

About the Waveguide Dummy Load Product Line
Waveguide dummy loads are widely used in military systems such as radar to absorb excess heat generated by the system. CEO, Peter Matthews comments that the acquisition is “Good news for the end user” and that the capabilities of MEGA Industries,

“Can now be applied to system dummy load requirements in the L, S, C and X-Band as well as Ku, K, and all the way to Ka-Band. This extension beyond our capabilities of X-Band to approach 40Ghz is a significant step and leverages our significant expertise in RF design.”

Peter V. Anania, President and Chairman of Anania & Associates Investment Company, an investment firm which owns MEGA Industries, comments on the acquisition,

“The acquisition of this waveguide dummy load product line compliments MEGA Industries’ current research & development into various types of loads and higher frequency components.”

More Information on MEGA Industries
MEGA Industries engineers and manufactures components for particle accelerators, fusion research, the military and aviation high energy. The company is located in Gorham in a state-of-the-art 40,000 square foot manufacturing facility.

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