Governor Paul LePage Visits Lighthouse Imaging

Peter Anania (Jr) October 24, 20142014

For Immediate Release

Governor Paul LePage toured Lighthouse Imaging LLC in Windham, Maine to learn about the recent expansion and rapid growth of the company.

About Lighthouse Imaging

Lighthouse Imaging provides new product development, engineering services, and contract manufacturing for medical optic devices and the imaging industry. They are a total solutions provider for advanced, minimally invasive medical imaging systems for original equipment manufacturers.

Robert Austring CEO of Lighthouse Imaging spoke about the recent growth of the company, “We have experienced pretty significant growth over the last three and a half years, both in terms of revenue and also employment. We have grown from five to twenty-six employees and we are continuing expansion into next year.”



Left to Right: Peter Anania, Robert Austring, Dr. Dennis Leiner, Governor Paul Lepage & Alexander Willette

Governor LePage Views Class 10,000 Clean Rooms in Action

During the tour Mr. Austring highlighted one of the Class 10,000 Clean Rooms in use at Lighthouse. Mr. Austring explained to Governor LePage that “Any particulate getting on that sensor can create an image problem so we have to keep it very clean.” Through the glass of the clean room, Mr. Austring pointed out one of the tightly controlled Class 100 Laminar flow hoods explaining that most of their manufacturing is done under hood to keep particles off image sensors.


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