Biovation Wins Contract from US Marine Corps to Develop Boot-Drying Technology Using Polylactic Material

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March 15, 2011 – Biovation LLC, a manufacturer of antimicrobial formulations and non-woven fiber products for food packaging and wound care, announces that it has been selected by the US Marine Corps to develop a special boot-drying technology based on its non-woven polylactic acid (PLA) polymer material fiber forming technologies. The technology includes a super-absorbent plus desiccant PLA liner integrated with a bag into which Marines can place wet boots for overnight drying. The eight-month contract calls for Biovation to develop a prototype for field-testing by Marines. Biovation will develop the prototype at its Boothbay, ME facility, and anticipates hiring one to two new employees to fulfill the contract.

“Our troops are patrolling through wet environments, and rarely have access to electrical power. They need an easy and portable way to dry their boots overnight,” says Kerem Durdag, CEO, Biovation. “Biovation is proud to have been chosen by the US Marine Corps to develop a boot-drying technology based on the sustainable green PLA material and our non-woven fabric manufacturing and formulation expertise.”

The bag will feature a non-woven fabric layer that will act as a powerful moisture scavenger. Marines will carry the portable bag in their backpacks, and place their wet combat boots inside the bag for overnight drying. It will be developed using polylactic acid material utilizing Biovation’s proprietary meltblown polymer manufacturing process, resulting in a product that is compostable, and therefore easily disposed. Upon successful completion of the technology development phase, Biovation will apply to become a vendor to supply production quantities.

About Biovation LLC
Biovation is a technology design and manufacturing company that manufactures non-woven fiber products with antimicrobial properties for food packaging, wound care, and custom OEM applications for consumer and institutional markets. Biovation has extensive experience with green sources such as polylactic acid, which comes from cornstarch and is completely biodegradable. Biovation’s infection control chemistries are available coated on non-woven fibers, or as a stand-alone product for partners’ proprietary materials.

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