80 Gigahertz Antenna Manufacturer mWAVE Industries LLC Celebrates Ten Years in Business

Peter Anania (Jr) July 2, 20142014

mWAVE manufacturer of 80 gigahertz antennas

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mWAVE Industries LLC, an antenna design and manufacturing firm in Windham, Maine, is celebrating its tenth year in business.

mWAVE Industries Ten Years Ago

mWAVE started as a partnership between three former Gabriel Electronics employees and MEGA Industries, a Gorham manufacturer of high power microwave components used in high energy experiments such as the CERN particle collider.

MEGA Industries provided over two hundred thousand in startup capital, manufacturing space, expertise and equipment to mWAVE. The next couple of years at mWAVE were spent developing antennas and establishing relationships with customers.

mWAVE Industries 2008 to Present

In 2008 mWAVE needed to scale up production, having several large contracts in the pipeline. mWAVE moved to a new manufacturing facility owned by parent company Anania & Associates Investment Company LLC, in Windham, Maine. In 2009 one particularly large contract was finalized, leading to an order of 45,000 antennas for the U.S. Military.

Currently mWAVE is marketing a new line of 80 gigahertz antennas, developed in part with a Maine Technology Institute development award, that are used for telecommunications backhaul. mWAVE is also utilizing their in-house engineering capabilities by pursuing custom antenna work.

The Future for mWAVE Industries

mWAVE is staying on the cutting edge of antenna design by developing a line of “Pico Cell” antennas that will be used in the “Internet of things.” Everyday objects such as soda machines, traffic lights and buildings are being connected through the internet and mWAVE’s pica antennas will provide the bandwidth and connectivity back to the main Pico Cell switch.

About Anania & Associates Investment Company LLC (AAI)

AAI is a Windham, Maine based private equity firm with eight portfolio companies: Biovation II, Grow-Tech, Lighthouse Imaging, MEGA Industries, mWAVE Industries, Synergistic Software Solutions, The Science Source and TrakTec.


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